Thursday, May 16, 2019

1333-1341.  jLiz4U Jewelry .  Gemstone Eyeglass Cords :

1333.  jLiz4U Jewelry .  Sea Green  faceted Agate Gemstone Eyeglass Cord.
1334.  jLiz4U Jewelry . Red Tiger Eye faceted Gemstone Eyeglass Cord.
1335.  jLiz4U Jewelry . Blue Goldstone Gemstone Rounds Eyeglass Cord.
1336. jLiz4U Jewelry . White Howlite Gemstone Round Eyeglass Cord.
1337.  jLiz4U Jewelry .  Mardi Gras Imperial Jasper Gemstone Eyeglass Cord.
1338.  jLiz4U Jewelry . Natural Lapis Gemstone Eyeglass Cord.
1339.  jLiz4U Jewelry . Fuchsia faceted Gemstone Eyeglass Cord.
1340.  jLiz4U Jewelry . Garnet faceted Gemstone Eyeglass Cords.
1341.  jLiz4U Jewelry . China Black Laboradite Gemstone Eyeglass Cord.

Monday, February 18, 2019

1331,1332.  jLiz4U Jewelry .  Glitter, Resin beaded Teardrop Earrings:  Glitter & Resin Earrings with beaded outline and Sterling Silver Earwires, silver plated links.
1331. jLiz4U Jewelry . Clear/White glitter & resin teardrop Earrings:
1332. jLiz4U Jewelry . Black Glitter & Resin Teardrop Earrings:

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

1326-1330. jLiz4U Jewelry . Rings of different Styles and sizes -- finger ring or toe ring sizes, Sterling and plated Or Copper and Brass, some with Cubic Zirconias as well.

1326. jLiz4U Jewelry . Sterling small size Rings , antiqued designs with Lizard shape in Center.
 1327.  jLiz4U Jewelry . Silver Plated designs with Cubic Zirconia accents.
 1328. jLiz4U Jewelry . Silver plated copper Fish design etching.
 1329.  jLiz4U Jewelry.  Copper with Brass detailing rings.
 1330. jLiz4U Jewelry.  Copper with Brass detailing Rings.
1323.  jLiz4U Jewelry . Tassel Necklaces : Long Necklaces in Silver , Pewter and Gunmetal with Crystal tassels.

 1324. jLiz4U Jewelry . Sterling Earwires and Silver plated, Pewter and Gunmetal Links.
 1325. jLiz4U Jewelry . Sterling Earwires and Silver plated antiqued detailed Tree Charms.
1321-1322.  jLiz4U Jewelry . Swarovski Urban Rectangle Crystals:  Sterling Leaverback and Fishook Earwires, silver plated links.
1321.  jLiz4U Jewelry. Swarovski Rectangle Urban Crystals AB large crystals and Urban Silver Night medium crystals.
 1322.  jLiz4U Jewelry. Swarovski Rectangle Urban Bermuda Blue Crystals in Medium and Large.
1319-1320.  jLiz4U Jewelry . Swarovski Crystal Earrings:  Swarovski Crystal Rivolis and Crystal Cushions, on Stainless posts/ Silver Plated Fishhooks/Sterling Earwires/ 14KGold-filled Earwires, Settings --Silver plated/Antique Gold/Antiqued Silver.
1319.  jLiz4U Jewelry. Swarovski Rivoli Crystals on posts and Ultra Pink AB Cushions on a Silver plated setting/fishhook Earwires.
 1320.  jLiz4U Jewelry. Swarovski  Peridot Rivoli with Antiqued Gold Setting and 14KGold-filled earwires, Crystal Rivoli with crystal accented Silver plated Setting and Sterling earwires, Light Silk Crystal Rivoli with crystal accented Gold plated Setting and 14KGold-filled Earwires,  Volcano Crystal Rivoli with Silver plated Setting and Sterling Silver Earwires.
1314-1318. jLiz4U Jewelry . Swarovski Crystal Earrings: Swarovski square Cushions & Swarovski Round Rivoli Crystals with Stainless Steel Leverback Earwires or Silver plated Brass fishhook Earwires.
1314. jLiz4U Jewelry. Swarovski Light Sapphire Shimmer, Silver Patina , Tanzanite Cushion Crystal Leverbacks.
 1315. jLiz4U Jewelry.  Swarovski Lt. Turquoise cushions,  Ultra Green Rivoli,  Rose Rivoli Crystal Leverbacks.
 1316. jLiz4U Jewelry.  Swarovski Scarlet Cushions, Vitrail Medium Cushion Crystal Leverbacks and Fern Green Cushion Crystals on Fishhook earwires.
 1317. jLiz4U Jewelry.  Swarovski Ultra Pink AB Cushions, Silver Night Rivolis, Padparasha Crystal Cushion Leverbacks
 1318. jLiz4U Jewelry.  Swarovski Crystal Rivolis, Burgundy DeLite Crystal Cushions,  Peridot Rivoli Crystal Leverbacks