Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1054. jLiz4Ujewelry .  Mens Hemalyke & Magnetic Stretch Bracelet:  Hemalyke smooth beads, Magnetic Barrel beads and Antiqued Silver Spacers.
1053. jLiz4Ujewelry . Pink Rubber Necklaces with Pendants:   Pink Rubber Cord, 'Fabulous' GANZ Pendant, 'be yourself / Love Much / Laugh Often' Charms, Swarovski Crystals.

1050 - 1052. jLiz4Ujewelry . Anklets and Bracelet:  Multicolored Acrylic Coin beads, Faceted Glass, Czech Firepolished, Silver Plated spacers, Swarovski Designer Flower Sliders, Swarovski Crystals, Silver Plated swivel Lobster Clasp/ extender Links.

1050. jLiz4Ujewelry . Multicolored Coin Anklet:
1051. jLiz4Ujewelry . Pink Faceted Glass/ Czech Glass Anklet:

1052. jLiz4Ujewelry . Swarovski Pink-Flower Designer Slider Bracelet:


1049.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Magnetic Anklets:  Magnetic Beaded Stretch Anklets, Hemalyke beads in Silver and Dark, Silver plated spacers.
1048.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Hematite Anklets:  Genuine Faceted Rondelle Hematite & Hemalyke beads, Antique Silver plated Brass spacers and Swarovski Crystals. (sold)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

1047.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Magnetic Stretch Anklet:  Manmade Magnetic beaded Anklet in Dark Hematite color and Silver Pearl, Antique Silver plated Brass bead.  

1043 - 1046. jLiz4Ujewelry . Hematite Jewelry :  Genuine Hematite faceted Rondelles & Rice shaped beads, Antique Silver plated Brass spacers, Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp/ Extender Chain/ Diamond Leverback Earwires, Swarovski Crystals.

1043. jLiz4Ujewelry. Hematite & Swarovski Stretch Crystal Anklet:
1044.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Hematite & Swarovski Crystal Stretch Bracelet:
1045.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Hematite and Swarovski Crystal Necklace:

1046.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Hematite & Swarovski Crystal Earrings:

1042. jLiz4Ujewelry .  Spring Anklets:  Colorful glass beaded Stretch Anklets, Silver plated Rondelles and spacers. (these are 9 - 9.25" sizes)

Friday, March 13, 2015

1039 - 1041. jLiz4Ujewelry . Silver Glass Pearl Jewelry:  Silver Glass Pearls, Silver Plated Rondelles/ swivel Lobster Clasp/ Crystal Pendant & Links/ Crystal Magnetic Clasp, Swarovski Crystals in Crystal AB and Satin, Sterling Silver Earwires & Safety Chain on Bracelet.
1039. jLiz4Ujewelry . Silver Glass Pearl Necklace:

1040. jLiz4Ujewelry . Silver Glass Pearl Earrings:
1041. jLiz4Ujewelry . Silver Glass Pearl , Crystal Magnetic Bracelet:

1038. jLiz4Ujewelry . Swarovski Crystal Cube Earrings:  Swarovski Vitrail Crystal Cubes & Rondelles & Bicones, Silver Plated Links/Rondelles, Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings. (Sorry Can't capture the multiple Colors :(

1036 & 1037. jLiz4Ujewelry .  Colorful Glass Bauble Necklace & Earrings:  Multi-colors and Sizes of Glass Baubles, Silver Plated Rondelles/ spacers/ Swivel Lobster Clasp/ Extender Chain, Rhinestone Earwires and many Swarovski Crystals.

1036. jLiz4Ujewelry . Colorful Glass Bauble & Swarovski Crystal  Necklace:

1037. jLiz4Ujewelry . Glass Bauble Earrings on Rhinestone Earwires:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

1035. jLiz4Ujewelry . Heart Toggle/ Love Much/ Laugh Often Necklace :  Silver Plated and Glass Accented Large Heart Toggle , Black Coated Chain, Swarovski Crystals for dangles and a Love Much/ Laugh Often Charm.

1034.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Ice Flake Resin Bracelets:  Ice Flake Resin Beaded stretch Bracelets in many sizes, Silver plated Rondelles/ Spacers, Aluminum Spacers:

1033. jLiz4Ujewelry . Bling Bling Stretch Bracelets :  Multi-color/Sizes Stretch bracelets, Acrylic Bling Bling Beads, Silver Plated Rondelles/Spacers, Aluminum Spacers:

1032.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Crackle Glass Bracelets:  Assorted Colors & Size stretch bracelets, Crackle Glass, Silver Plated Rondelles/ Spacers, Aluminum Spacers.

Monday, March 9, 2015

1031. jLiz4Ujewelry . Swarovski Crystal Earrings:  Gunmetal Leverbacks/ Rondelles/ Links, Sterling Silver Earwires, Silver plated Rondelles & Links.
1030. jLiz4Ujewelry . Gunmetal Necklace with Faith Pendant:   Gunmetal Chain and Toggle Closure, Silver GANZ 'Faith' Pendant.

1029.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Gunmetal Necklace with Swarovski Heliotrope Crystal Cross:  Gunmetal Chain & Toggle Closure, Swarovski 'Heliotrope' Crystal Cross Pendant.

1028. jLiz4Ujewelry . Gunmetal Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Cross:  Gunmetal Chain & Toggle Closure, Swarovski 'Crystal AB' Cross Pendant.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

1025 - 1027. jLiz4Ujewelry . Orange Mother of Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet:

1025.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Orange Mother of Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace:

1026.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Mother of Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Earrings:
1027.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Mother of Pearl, Swarovski Magnetic Bracelet: