Thursday, April 16, 2009

345. Swarovski 'Heliotrope' Cross, Crow and Czech Beads, Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp & Extender Chain, Silver-plated flower charm. Sterling Silver Leverback Earwires, similar beads as Necklace and Swarovski Crystals. 346. 3 Pieces: 14KGF Leverback Earwires & Extender Chain, Antique Gold-colored Rondelles, Czech beads, Crackle Glass, Swarovski Crystal Cross Charm & Crystals, Antique Gold-colored Cross Charms.

347. Swarovski Crystal 'Heliotrope' Cross Charm & Crystals, Czech and Crow beads, Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp, Extender Chain, Leverback Earwires and Silver-plated Star Charm.

348. Crackle Glass 3 Piece Set with Czech Beads, Silver-colored spacers, Antique Silver Cross Charms, Swarovski Crystal Cross & Crystals, Sterling Silver Extender Chain & Leverback Earwires, Silver-plated Swivel Lobster.

349. 14 KGF Leverback Earwires, Gold-plated Crystal Rondelles, Swarovski Crystals, Gold-plated Sterling Silver Rondelles.

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