Friday, February 22, 2013

930-932.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Turquoise Jewelry : Turquoise Gemstones (Dyed and Assembled) Puffed Ovals, Gold plated Swivel Lobster Clasp, Rondelles, Chain, Links and Star Charms, 14 KGF Earwires, Swarovski Crystals--'Crystal AB Satin'.

930. jLiz4Ujewelry . Turquoise Gemstone Necklace .

931. jLiz4Ujewelry . Turquoise Earrings, 14KGF Earwires.

932.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Turquoise Bracelets with Swarovski Crystals and Gold Plated Swivel Lobster Clasp, Links, Charms and Rondelles.

928-929 . jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Horsehair Bag Bling / Purse/ Zipper Pull / Key Chain :  Genuine Horsehair, Silver-plated Swivel Clips, plated Links & Chains, Swarovski Crystals.

928.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Horsehair Bling:  Heart Charm and Swarovski Crystals.

929.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Horsehair Bling:  Silver plated Chains and Swarovski Crystal Dangles.

925 - 927.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Horsehair Bracelets :  Genuine Braided Horsehair, Silver-plated Findings/ Swivel Lobster Clasp or Magnetic Closure, Swarovski Crystals and Charms.  (Special order your preference of Closure, Charms, Crystals...)

925.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Horsehair Bracelet:  Swivel Lobster Clasp, Cross Charm & Swarovski Crystal Dangle.

926.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Horsehair Bracelet:  Magnetic Closure (Sterling Safety Chain), Swarovski Crystal Dangle.

927.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Horsehair Bracelet:  Swivel Lobster Clasp, Patterned Heart Charm, Swarovski Crystal Dangle.

923.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Swarovski Crystal Hoop Earrings:  Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver Earwires.

924.  jLiz4Ujewelry.  Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Swarovski Crystal Hoop Earrings:  Swarovski Crystals, 14 KGF Earwires.

Monday, February 18, 2013

920.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted jewelry . Gunmetal and Hematite Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings:  Gunmetal Chain/ Links, Swivel Lobster Clasp, Gunmetal-Brass Leverback earwires, Genuine Hematite Faceted Gemstone Roundelles, Silver-plated rondelles & bead caps, Swarovski Crystals ( Bronze Shade Rounds, Silver Shade Polygon Pendant Drop).

921.  Gunmetal Bracelet with Swarovski Bronze Shade Dangle.

922.  Gunmetal Earrings

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

916.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry .  Angel Necklace: Silver Plated Necklace, Lobster clasp and Angel pendant with Swarovski Crystal Dangles.

917. jLiz4Ujewelry.  Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Peace & Love Necklace:  Silver-plated Necklace, Peace Charm, Heart charm, Toggle and Lobster Clasp with a Swarovski Crystal Heart Charm.

918. jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Super Star Necklace:  Silver plated Chain, Star Charm, Lobster Clasp, Silver-tone Super-Star Charm and Swarovski Crystal Dangles.

919. jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Gunmetal Heart Necklace:  Gunmetal Chain and Multi-colored glass detailed Heart Pendant.

916-919. Group pendant close-up.

915.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted jewelry . Peacock Feather Earrings:  genuine Peacock Feathers, Swarovski "Greige AB2X" Crystals,  Sterling Silver Earwires and Plated Links and Beads.

Monday, February 4, 2013

913.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry.  3 Strand Mother-Grandmother Sterling Bracelet : Beautiful detailed Sterling Beads / Rondelles / Heart charm,/ Large Lobster Clasp & Extender Chain, Swarovski  Birth month colored Bicones (grandchildren) and Cube (children) Crystals, spaced by faceted Hematite Roundels .

914.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Grandmother's Bracelet : Rhinestone detailed beads (birth months of grandchildren), Grandchildren Family's Separated by finely detailed Sterling Beads and Sterling Toggle Closure.

912.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Horsehair Bracelets :  Genuine Braided Horsehair, Silver-plated Ends, Swivel Lobster Clasps, Charms and Extender Chains, Swarovski Crystals.