Tuesday, November 13, 2012

894.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Packer Jewelry, Necklace & Stretch Bracelet :  Swarovski Crystals in Emerald, Topaz and Clear (in Cubes, Bicones & Rounds), Czech Firepolished faceted Glass Rondelles, Silver plated Rondelles & spacers, Emerald Glass Rhinestone Focal Bead, Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp & Extender Chain.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

886.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Yellow Turquoise & Pineapple quartz Gemstone Necklace & Swarovski Crystal earrings:  gemstone beads, Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Earwires.

887 & 888.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Rainbow Edged Rectangle Jewelry: Glass Rainbow Edged Rectangles, Chinese Purple/Pink faceted Crystals, Silver or Gold Plated Rondelles/ Spacers/ Lobster Clasp/ Extender Chain, Sterling Silver Earwires or 14 KGF earwires.

888. Details above)  

889.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Blue, Green, Purple and Pink Colored Glass Beaded Necklace & Swarovski Crystal Earrings:  Silver plated Chain/ Lobster clasp/ Charm, Colored Glass beads, Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver Earwires.

890.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Topaz Necklace & Earrings:  Silver & Gold Plated Chain/ Hammered Links/ Rondelles/ Lobster Clasp and Charm, Swarovski Crystals, Topaz Glass Rhinestone Focal Bead. (3 photos) 

891.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry .  Gemstone Pendant Necklace:  Gemstone Pendant, Swarovski Crystals, Gold Plated Chain/ Beads/ Rondelles/ Lobster Clasp.

892.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Wooden Beads, Swarovski Crystal and Gemstone Pendant Jewelry:  Gemstone Pendant, Swarovski Crystals, Wooden Beads, Plated Lobster Clasp and Extender Chain, 14 KGF Earwires.

893.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry .  Red Leather Yin Yang Necklace:  Red Leather, Swarovski Crystals, Yin Yang Pendant, Silver Plated Rondelles/ Lobster Clasp & Extender Chain.

880.  jLiz4Ujewelry .  Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Swarovski Crystal Cube Earrings:  Swarovski Crystal Cube earrings with Sterling Silver Leverback Earwires.

881.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Pink &Black Necklace & Earrings: Pink & Black Glass Beads, Swarovski Crystals, Czech Firepolished glass, Sterling Silver Earwires, Silver Plated Rondelles / Spacers / Lobster Clasp and Extender chain.

882.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Topaz & Sapphire Stretch Bracelet:  Topaz Glass Rhinestone Focal Bead, Topaz & Sapphire Large Dionne faceted glass beads, Sapphire Swarovski Crystals, Silver plated spacer beads and Rondelles.

883.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Black, Silver and Crystal Necklace and Earrings:  Black faceted Glass (diamond-cut cubes) , Silver Plated Spacers, Clear Glass Rhinestone Focal Bead, Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver Leverback Earwires.

(same set as above)

884.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Black Glass & Swarovski Crystal Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet:  Black Glass rounds, Pewter Cross Pendant, Swarovski Crystals, Silver plated rondelles/ Lobster Clasp/ Extender Chain and Sterling Silver Earwires.

885.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Tree of Life Pendant Necklace & Earrings:  Gunmetal Chain, Silver plated Tree of Life Pendant, Swarovski Crystals, and Gunmetal plated Brass Leverback Eawires.

876 .  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Pyrite Gemstone Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings:  Pyrite Gemstone Nuggets, Swarovski Crystals, Silver-plated Rondelles & beads, Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp/ Extender Chain/ Eawires.

877.  jLiz4Ujewelry .  Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Crystal Dragonball Necklace & Earrings:  Sparkly Crystal Dragonballs, Swarovski Crystals, Silver plated Curved tube beads, Silver plated rondelles, Sterling Silver Leverback earwires.

(875 & 876) .  jLiz4Ujewelry .

878.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Cosmic Cut Swarovski Crystal Gunmetal Necklace & Earrings:   Swarovski 'Volcano' Cosmic-Cut Crystals, Gunmetal Chain/ Links/ Lobster clasp and Plated Brass Leverback Earwires.

879.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Silver Glass Rectangle Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings:  Silver & Clear Glass Rectangles, Swarovski Crystals, Silver Plated Rondelles/ Lobster Clasp/ Extender Chain, Sterling Silver Leverback Earwires. 

871.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Multi-strand Black Glass Pearl Jewelry:  Black Glass Pearls, Hematite Chinese Crystals, Swarovski Crystals, Gunmetal Plated Chains/Lobster Clasp, Sterling Silver Earwires, Silver Plated Rondelles, Glass metal plated dangles.

 872 - 874.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . ALL Swarovski Crystal Bracelets and Earrings:  Black & Topaz, Emerald &Topaz, Sapphire & Topaz Swarovski Crystals, Gold plated Rondelles, 14 Karat Gold-filled Lobster Clasps/ Extender Chains / Eawires.

873.  jLiz4Ujewelry .

874.  jLiz4Ujewelry .

875.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Pink & Khaki Glass Beaded Necklace:  Silver plated Chain/ lobster clasp/ Rondelles / beads, Large Holed silver-plated Glass Beads.

866.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Goldstone Gemstone Necklace & Earrings: Goldstone Gemstone Necklace & Earring pendants, Swarovski Crystals, Multi-blacks/bronze Seeds, Sterling Silver Leverback Earwires.

867.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Sapphire Rhinestone Necklace & Earrings:  Glass Sapphire Rhinestone Bead on Silver Plated Chain, Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver Leverback Earwires.

868.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Black & White Stretch Bracelets:  Silver and Black Focal (snap beads), with Glass, Rubberized and Aluminum beads.

869.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Childrens Heart Necklace :  seed bead Necklace with Silver-plated Puffed Heart Pendant and Swarovski Crystals.

870.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Topaz & Sapphire Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet:  Swarovski Crystals, Glass beads, Silver plated Rondelles/ spacers/ Lobster Clasp & Extender Chain, Sterling silver Earwires

Saturday, November 10, 2012

860.  jLiz4Ujewelry. Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Turquoise Gemstone Bag Bling/ Key Chain:  Plated Chains, Swarovski Crystals, Charms, Turquoise Gemstone, Silver-Plated Swivel Clip

861.  jLiz4Ujewelry.  Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry .  Sapphire Glass Rhinestone Bead Bag Bling / Key Chain:  Silver-plated Swivel Clip, Links & Rondelles, Swarovski Topaz Crystals.

862.  jLiz4Ujewelry.  Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Gunmetal Bracelet & Earrings:  Gunmetal Chain, Silver plated charm & rondelles, Swarovski Crystals, Gunmetal plated Brass Leverback Earwires.

863.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Silver-plated & Gunmetal Chain Pendant Necklace and Swarovski Earrings.

864.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry. Gunmetal Chain Necklace with Red glass Rhinestone bead & Earrings:  Gunmetal Chain/ Links, Swivel Lobster Clasp, Gunmetal over Brass Leverback Earwires, Swarovski Crystals, Glass Rinestone Bead.

865.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Gunmetal Chain and Gemstone Pendant Necklace & Earrings:  Gunmetal Chain , Swarovski Crystals, Silver plated Rondelles, Gunmetal plated Brass Leverback Earwires, Black Agate with Druzzy Quartz Teardrop Gemstone Pendant.

855.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Black & Silver Faceted Coin-like Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings:  faceted coin-like glass beads, Chinese Hematite Crystals, Silver-plated swivel Lobster Clasp & Extender Chain, Sterling Silver Earwires

856.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Pinks and Pink & Black Stretch Bracelets and Earrings:  Glass Beads, Czech Firepolished Glass, Chinese Crystals, Sterling Silver Earwires, Silver-plated Rondelles and beads.

857.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Hancrafted Jewelry . Multi-strand Silver Glass Pearl Necklace, Bracelets and Earrings:   Chinese Hematite Crystals, Silver Glass Pearls, Silver-plated Chains & Hammered links and rondelles, Sterling Silver Leverback  Earwires. 

858 .  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Copper/ Silver-plated Rondelles/ Beads & Swarovski Crystals:  Copper and Copper & Silver-plated Rondelles and beads, Swarovski Crystals. Sterling Silver Earwires.  

859.  jLiz4Ujewelry . Handmade / Handcrafted Jewelry . Spotted Puffed Coin glass beaded Bracelet & Earrings:  Spotted Puffed Coin glass beads, Rainbow Jet Diamond-cut glass Cubes, Chinese Crystals, Silver plated Rondelles.  Sterling Silver Earwires.