Sunday, April 13, 2008

200. Beautiful Teal Blue (top drilled) Freshwater Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet with a Silver-plated Magnetic Closure and Sterling Silver Safety Chain. 201. Iris Green (hex cut) Seed beads, Czech Firepolished beads & Freshwater Pearl Necklace with a Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp and Extender Chain.
202. Three Piece Set using: Sterling Silver Spiral tube beads, Swarovski Crystals & Large Teardrop Pendant, Swarovski Silver-plated Rondelles, Blue Goldstone (MM) Rondelles and Iris Blue (hex cut) seed beads, Sterling Silver Lobster Closures and Extender Chains & Links and also Diamond-cut Leverback Earwires.
203. A 14 inch Necklace with a 6" tail down the back, using many Swarovski Crystals including a 'Silver Shade' "Polygon" Crystal Pendant dangle, Czech Firepolished beads, Swarovski Silver-plated Rondelles and a Sterling Silver Lobster Closure. The Earrings are Sterling Silver Diamond cut Leverback Earwires with Swarovski Squaredelles & 'Comet Argent Lt.' Cubes and 'Crystal' Rounds.
204. Stretch Rings and Bracelets using: Czech Firepolished beads, Druks & Czech glass rounds and Swarovski Crystals.

195. 18" Rubber Necklace with Cross indented Pewter Pendant. 196. Comfortable 18" Rubber Necklace with Antique Gold Pewter Horse Pendant and Swarovski Crystal.
197. Black Braided Leather Necklace with Sterling Silver Lobster Closure & Scrollwork Pewter Cross Pendant with Swarovski Crystals.
198. Fun Glitter Cubes on Black Strands of Stainless Steel Necklace.
199. Vitrail Crow beads & Orange Swirl Glass Rondelles decorate the Black Strands of Stainless Steel Necklace.

Friday, April 4, 2008

190. Czech Firepolished beaded Bracelets with Sterling Silver Lobster Clasps & Extender chains. 191. Czech Firepolished Beads & Twist cut beaded Necklace with SS Lobster Clasp & Extender Chain.
192. Czech beaded Earings with Sterling Silver Leverbacks.
193. Freshwater Pearls (Antique Brass) bracelet with Brass beads & faux Stone-like beads with 14 K.Gold-filled Lobster clasp and Extender Chain.
194. Freshwater Pearls (Antique Brass) Bracelet with Gold-plated beads and Faux Stone-like beads with 14KGold-filled Lobster Closure and Extender Chain.